Outsourcing Digital Handover ensures standardised delivery, removes the burden from contractors and gives end clients peace of mind.

What is Digital Handover?

Digital Handover encapsulates all the information required by end users for the operation, maintenance, decommissioning and demolition of a building. Digital Handover includes but is not limited to, O&M (Operations & Maintenance) Manuals, BIM/Structured Data, Health & Safety Files, Fire & Emergency Files. As part of the Building Manual, O&Ms are delivered as a contractual requirement on HSE notifiable construction projects.

Previously, handover documentation was delivered in paper format which often led to outdated, missing or incomplete information. By implementing a Digital Handover Solution early, you can be assured the provision of data and information required for effective asset operation is managed and brought together in a way that makes it simpler for you – from document collation, finalisation and completion to data delivery, hosting and updating.

Why is Digital Handover important?

Typically on any given project, construction information is provided by design teams, subcontractors and contractors which can create discrepancies in quality, information and lead to a delay in project completion.

Typical pain points:

  • Timely – tight deadlines/timeframes

More often than not, handover documentation is left until the last minute, putting unnecessary stress on already stretched teams.  In addition to this, leaving this last minute can result in incurring costly fees, which hadn’t previously been accounted for.

  • Use of resources

Handover documentation often falls on internal teams which can underestimate the input required to take the project to completion. To collate all handover documentation can take in excess of 200 hours, requires chasing subcontractors and if left until the last minute can delay project completion.

  • Generic content – project to project

A common problem with handover documentation is that the information is collated from subcontractors, designers and suppliers which can leave information unstandardised, incomplete or missing certifications/warranties.


The benefits of outsourcing:
  • Achieve consistent and quality delivery every time

By appointing specialists in the field, you’re ensuring a fixed process for delivery – templates can be included in trade contracts to ensure a standardised format is adhered to. Createmaster offer a total management service which includes rigorous review processes, allocated site visits, project updates/progress and acts as a single source of truth for all handover documentation, to ensure documentation is compliant with building regulation.

  • Remove unnecessary workload and burden from already busy teams

Enable your already time-constricted on-site teams to focus on the construction of the project, freeing up valuable time that can be redirected. By appointing a specialist to chase subcontractors, the strain on internal teams is reduced and your handover provider like Createmaster can manage the supply chain.

  • Early engagement with end-users

By appointing Digital Handover through early engagement, you can identify the specific employer’s requirements. For this, it’s recommended that this is done in the pre-tender stage to identify the employer’s requirements, anticipated risks, what is required and how these can be addressed so that the client can submit a tender bid.

  • Focus on structured data – Assets, PPM, Stakeholders

Recently, there has been a huge shift in structured data deliverables, rather than document deliverables. By outsourcing the work you can ensure your data and documents are structured in a predefined model and format enables it to be easily available, accessible, updated and analyzed, making yours and your employers life easier overall.

  • Legislative Compliance

With new regulations and legislations coming into effect, ensure your projects are fully compliant.


Digital Handover is often underestimated in the construction process and left too late, putting unnecessary strain on already-stretched teams. This can result in incomplete or poor-quality documentation, which can delay project completion and incur high costs. Not only does this have a negative impact on the process and all stakeholders involved, but also the building manager and facilities maintenance teams—who need to ensure documentation is compliant with building regulations, including the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, Building Safety Act 2022 and the upcoming Fire & Safety Act 2022. By outsourcing Digital Handover to a specialist provider such as Createmaster, you’re removing the burden contractors, standardizing delivery, providing the end client with peace of mind and ensuring quality information in line with the construction programme and compliance.


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