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What’s Inside 

  • How to ensure a standardised handover process across all your projects and meet internal processes
  • Why industry-proven templates can help guarantee the right information every time
  • How to get 24/7 real-time visibility of document status throughout project life on a single platform
  • How to spec your projects and manage your suppliers
  • How to maintain an audit trail of information while evidencing compliance


More about this booklet

When you own the delivery of multiple building projects or have a portfolio of building stock, incomplete or unacceptable documentation can postpone practical completion (PC) and hold up future projects.

Meanwhile, when contractors use internal resources or different solutions to attempt handover, it can result in inconsistency of data or project completion delays.

That’s why Createmaster ensures a standardised handover process, software and templates across all your projects. This results in an efficient and repeatable service that guarantees consistent digital handovers and reduces stress at PC.

You’ll learn how, by specifying a digital handover solutions provider, you’ll receive consistent handover documentation no matter which contractor you use. And by doing so, you’ll never be disappointed with poorly managed or inconsistent asset information at handover again.


Everything you need to standardise digital handover

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