Digital handover, without the hassle

No more emails. No more chasing. Createmaster’s experienced team build out your handover documentation, so you don’t have to.



What’s Inside 

  • How to make sure your handover documentation meets contractual obligations every time
  • How we can capture, create and validate O&Ms as your project progresses, guaranteeing consistent digital documentation
  • How we can help to save time and money by scoping the project sufficiently from the start
  • Why 24/7 real-time visibility of document status throughout the project life will provide you with a full audit trail
  • How compliance-ready templates will help prepare you for upcoming Building Safety Act obligations


More about this booklet

When you’re managing the overall strategic aspects of the project, while leading, coordinating and motivating teams day-to-day, managing the delivery of acceptable handover documentation can creep up on you.

At the same time, attempting handover internally can result in underestimations of both resource and time.

That’s why Createmaster’s experienced team helps identify the necessary building information needed throughout all stages of any project as it progresses, so you’re never caught out by missing project documentation or deadlines again.

You’ll learn how we can help you deliver a high-quality set of building manuals so you can get client sign-off the first time around.


Everything you need to simplify digital handover

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