All your in-use building information
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Createmaster makes it easy to process, structure, categorise, and review all your building documents in one platform


What’s Inside 

  • How to prepare for upcoming Building Safety Act obligations by maintaining a digital record of data
  • How to identify information gaps and how to fill them
  • How to process and categorise your information to align with recommended best practices following exchange information requirements (EIR) standards
  • How to ensure your O&M, Fire & Emergency, and Health & Safety documentation contain the right information with flexible, industry-proven templates.
  • How to prepare for a ‘golden thread’ and manage document collation, actions, approvals, gateways and compliance


More about this booklet

Ensuring effective oversight of building information across all your legacy building stock or live projects to evidence fire and structural safety can be a lengthy process.

At the same time, you need to be ready for duties under the Building Safety Act 2022 to deliver Key Building Information and establish a ‘Golden Thread’ of information to demonstrate your building safety case.

That’s why Createmaster can retrofit and host all your data according to a standardised, structured, and searchable format. We’ll find the gaps in your building information, so together we can fill them so you are ready to meet regulatory requirements and can demonstrate building safety.

You’ll learn how we can help process, structure, categorise, and review your information so that all your building information is accounted for, all in one platform — so you can focus on managing your assets.


Everything you need to digitally retrofit your information

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