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What’s Inside 

  • What digital handover means to you, whether you are a contractor, developer, or asset owner. 
  • How to guarantee quality for new developments or retrofitting building data 
  • Everything you need for a successful digital handover 
  • How a digital handover can help you demonstrate regulatory compliance 


More about this brochure

When a building project is near to completion, a thorough, and well-planned digital handover is essential. But it’s often left unaccounted for until it’s too late, which can result in documentation falling short of requirements.

By gathering data during construction, and storing as-built records in a single, sharable repository, delays can be avoided at the end of the process when handing over an asset, providing a single source of truth where all data is in one place.

That’s why at Createmaster we do the legwork, managing the process end to end. We’ll explain how we can ensure a complete set of handover data is ready on project completion for more effective asset management.

You’ll learn how your as-built information will be complete and always accurate and in line with regulatory compliance.

Lastly, we’ll share what makes us great at what we do, who we’re already working with and how we can support you at every stage of the lifecycle.


Streamline and Standardise Digital Handover in a Single Source of Truth   

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