Unlock Gateway 3 for
Project Completion

Our fully managed service and Gateway 3 dashboard will help you get through the final checkpoint at the completion stage of a building.



What’s Inside 

  • How we aggregate your data for handover and a building safety case for submission to your client, without displacing your existing systems.
  • How to understand and deliver compliancy with Building Safety Act and Higher Risk Residential Building Regulation 2023.
  • How our Golden Thread template aligns with the new requirements for Gateway 3 and a building safety case.
  • How to identify data gaps and manage risks on a project.
  • How to support your clients’ registration of their higher-risk buildings.


More about this booklet

We know that handing over construction information to clients has got a lot harder as the provisions of the Building Safety Act come into effect. Whether you store your information in a CDE, SharePoint or on paper or hard copies, there’s a good chance your information is stored all over the place and much of it missing.

It’s not enough to deliver box files or USBs anymore. You need to submit all as-built drawings of a building, key building information, as well as a safety case report. All this must be digital for a building to be registered and a Completion Certificate signed off.

That’s why Createmaster collate all your O&M manuals, fire and safety files, key building information, as well as safety case documentation so you don’t have to.

You’ll learn how we can help get your handover and building safety case into one platform and provide visibility of your information so you can fulfil contractual and regulatory obligations.

Lastly, we’ll share what makes us great at what we do, who we’re already working with and how we can support you at every stage of the lifecycle.


Everything you need to obtain a Completion Certificate at project completion

Our fully managed digital handover service with a Gateway 3 dashboard will help you fulfil obligations set out by the Building Safety Act at the handover stage of an asset. Fill in the form now and get a free PDF sent straight to your inbox.