O&Ms: The Problem With Procuring Late

On a typical construction project, the main contractor has between 30 – 40 subcontractors to procure and manage. Procurement is largely driven by the construction plan which means an O&M provider is often appointed late in the project.

This creates a problem as the time it takes to collate and review 30 – 40 O&M submissions should not be underestimated. Condensing this activity into a few weeks or months before PC gives the contractor, supply chain and O&M provider little time to manage the task properly.

Ultimately, this can lead to project delays or the risk of incomplete O&Ms at PC.

Issues With Late Engagement
  • Added cost for O&Ms not previously budgeted for
  • Trades already left site and fully paid
  • No standardisation across O&M submissions
  • Increased pressure on site teams close to PC
  • Risk of missing or incomplete O&M submissions
  • Unhappy end client


“Through early integration and involvement with the project team, Createmaster understood clearly both the Client aspirations and the scope of the sub-contract packages allowing them to manage the whole process. Early involvement with the project team facilitated the development of a solution to integrate the O&M database with the 3D model and meet Client aspirations”.
Project Manager – Sir Robert McAlpine


Why Procuring O&Ms Early Makes Sense
Procuring the O&M package early in the project, makes everybody’s life easier, as the dedicated O&M provider can manage the supply chain in line with the construction plan.

O&M templates can be included in trade contracts to ensure a standardised format is followed. Managing trades as they start on site gives enough time to conduct a thorough review process and makes sure a complete and accurate set of O&Ms is delivered at PC.

The end result is less stress for the main contractor at handover and a happy client with all the information needed to run and maintain their building safely and effectively.

Benefits of Early Engagement
  • Cost certainty – a realistic budget for O&Ms in the cost plan
  • O&M templates in contract documents
  • Free up valuable site resource
  • Trades managed as and when they start on site
  • Plenty of time to conduct a thorough O&M review
  • Smooth, pain free handover at PC
  • Happy client with a complete and accurate as built record
To summarise:
At Createmaster, we avoid working on projects with less than three months until practical completion. Why? Because it is a near impossible task to manage a full supply chain in such a condensed time frame.

Appoint an O&M provider at the start of the project and gain the full benefits of early engagement – a fully managed process delivering a complete and accurate as built record at PC.


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